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Animation projects ... Breadlums! and Saturday Morning Cartoons LIVE!

It all began with the highdea:
“Are cupcakes just muffins in drag?”

And then, on June 4th, 2018, Breadlums! was born.

Now, five human people spend countless hours sweating over the keyboard to bring you Breadlums! The Animated Series.

Breadlums! is created by a seasoned team of writers, producers, and comedians, known  collectively as 2nd Rodeo Productions. This isn’t our first rodeo:


Despite earning two Emmy nominations, Wade had grown disillusioned with the corporate media system while covering the 2016 election for CNN in Washington DC. 

He teamed up with siblings Heather and Brad, who ran a successful production company in NYC. Heather got her start working in Oscar-winning art departments, and Brad was a producer/editor.

This concept needed the right visual mind to bring it to life: that’s where Billy came in. Billy, an animator and former CNN producer, and his wife and creative partner Sheba, an attorney by day and comedian by night, thought the script was the best thing since sliced bread. They jumped in the mix and now this

malt-ly crew is ready to roll!

Visit to learn more!

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