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Limited Edition


This collection is my artistic tribute to the

2021 Netflix film, "Harder They Fall".

I loved this movie and connected with several of the characters, particularly the lead brothers, Nat Love and Rufus Buck.

I'm gonna keep growing this collection.

Cuffee is the newest addition to the Nat Love gang, having worked for Mary as the bouncer in her bar. Cuffee’s skill with her fists and a pistol make her a pivotal asset for the gang, especially her ability to easily disguise herself.

Nat Love is motivated by getting his final revenge on the man that murdered his parents when he was a child. Once he discovers the murderer (Rufus Buck) is being released from prison, Nat recruits his old gang, including his former lover Stagecoach Mary, to finally exact his revenge. 

Rufus Buck is one of the most notorious outlaws in the Old West, serving as the leader of his own brutal gang.  After serving several years in prison, The Harder They Fall kicks off its tension with Rufus being released on a pardon.

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