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The inquiry about life's purpose confuses itself at the outset - as the answer comes from the same humanoid place as the question.

But here goes ...

QUESTION: "What is the reason for life?"

ONE POSSIBLE ANSWER: "LIVING is itself the reason."

​I find meaning and reason for life in two active choices:

  1. Daily efforts to understand myself. I take note of my anxieties, how and when they arise. Similarly, I consider those things that excite me. I try - as best I can - to honestly interpret and order my life around these observations.

  2. Intentional expression. I choose to engage - testing my body, my mind, my ideas, skills & abilities. Using information gathered from introspection to be exactly more myself, less the social norms and limitations. I commit to self-curiosity, building courage to investigate my limits in this world.

Don't force - Truths manifest through boundaries and choices, moment to moment.

Don't lament the past, or fixate on tomorrow - Power exists in the ever-present Now.

Embrace the deep pains, common banalities, and brilliant triumphs of living.

This can be seen as an evolving, creative friction between our internal, personal experience and our external conditions. Assertions of a truer self feed resilience and greater heights, vibrations of consciousness.

We are not alone. Our respective life journeys compel us to collaborate.

We are always students, teachers, supporters, lovers, allies & co-creators.

Honesty + Empathy are our best guides.

Every moment offers experience and lessons to interpret, when viewed this way.

Each living interaction, bound only by the potential we dare to imbue.

Our choices reveal powerful info about self, and meaningfully changes our world.

The challenges of living can become calls to adventure.

-Billy _____________

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