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Where Is Now Podcast
w/ Jesse Freeston and Billy Buntin


On each episode of Where Is Now, Billy and Jesse take turns crafting a case for the impact of an individual on our world, while the other host listens, learns and fires back. With equal parts rigour, vigour and trigger, Billy and Jesse weave their way through archival clips, warm takes, and belly laughs in a sincere attempt to better understand themselves and the society surrounding them.


JESSE FREESTON is a documentary filmmaker, shooter/editor, and comedy performer with a degree in political science and economics.


FB: jessefreeston

Twitter: @jessefreeston

BILLY BUNTIN is a storyteller, visual effects artist, and journalist with a degree in Ethics.

... If you're reading this, you're probably on his website. Learn more about him here.

Episode 10 was filmed on 04/10/2020
Jordan Peterson: Saint or Satan?
Jordan Peterson is a public thinker and author whose ideas and musings range from human psychology to religious belief, to gender and manhood.  Jesse and Billy are joined by Maziar Ghaderi, producer of the documentary film "Rise of Jodan Peterson".  Maziar shares his experience in producing the film, and gives unique insight on the deeply revered and hated Jordan Peterson.

Episode 9 was filmed on 11/21/2020
The American Voter: Hostage of Spectacle Politics are a more popular conversation topic than Billy and Jesse could have ever imagined a decade ago ... yet the political choices seem to be more limited than ever. All this as the threats facing humanity as a whole grows. The hosts wrestle with the question of how the American voter got here, and how they might get out.

Episode 8 was filmed on 9/27/2020


A legacy rooted in thoughtful commitment to equal justice, under the law. We discuss Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her Brooklyn roots, as well as her circuitous and creative approach to equal justice. The convo veers into the merits of corrective discrimination, and some potential challenges. Jesse clarifies his position on racist thoughts. And we find the Notorious RBG to be a complex, and beautiful model for a life well lived!