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LiveStream Talk-Flows!

Grunge Rock
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Black Bunny Hole   Fridays at 5PM EST  

Sheba uses her brilliant comedic mind and impeccable Google research skills to explore iconic people, events and histories. Sheba f*cks around so you can find out!

S.M.C. Live!  Saturdays at 11AM EST  

A weekly livestream "Talk-Flow" starring Sheba and Billy. This quirky couple kiki and wax philosophical about the cartoons that shaped them.
 Sundays at 1PM EST  

Hosted by The Queen of Internet Talk-Flows, Sheba Newman-Blount. The Queen is NOT amused, but she is amusing!
How Billy Sees It  Mondays at 8PM EST  
Hosted by Artist, Philosopher, Journalist Billy Buntin - he grapples with Headline Stories & connects them to broader ideas.