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Candace Owens Cancelled from the DailyWire

Candace Owens was just CANCELLED by her employer; a News rag founded by silly men who want fame but have no real talent. So they started Daily Wire+ and got into Gonzo-Journalism. A a quasi-journalistic space where you can use our shared reality as a foundation for monetizable content.

Daily Wire teaches their viewers that Black Americans should be mocked and ignored, because we "overuse" claims of racism. Meanwhile Ben-ocide Shapiro argues with a straight face that almost EVERYTHING is anti-semitism - except the immoral actions of the Israel government, pretending to speak/act for all Jews. Even using basic morality to critique the violent nation-state is anti-semitism, by Shapiro's weird standards. These clowns are hilarious.

Daily Wire - the serious looking News company that prides itself on "facts over feelings" - regularly invents social strife for content. The media company manipulates language to meet their subscribers' demand for superiority, and to feel perpetually offended. Daily wire makes money through creating divisive, journalist-lite content. Stoking confusion and anger around issues of identity (race and gender), sustaining a group of entitled, confused, fearful, racist & sexist men across our country.

On the backend, Daily Wire sells their subscribers' info, emails (and literally their minds) to other stupid Right Wing companies and to the Republican party. Every very concerned face; every time one of these clowns says "The Left" - they're just doing Team building, brain numbing indoctrination. It's a proven business model for Daily Wire, a company that boasted over $100 million in yearly revenue, in 2022.

The company's owners complain that "The Left" injects politics into EVERYTHING ... but their business model injects politics into Shaving & Skincare and even innocent Chocolates.

Daily Wire does all of this, and more, while carrying an air of moral value and intelligence by signing Jordan Peterson on to perform scholarly drag, alongside a roster of totally unimpressive "commentators" and goofy hacks.

Now their top guy is actively arguing that Israel has the unique moral right to commit Genocide. I'm no Candace Owens fan, but I'm glad she got up outta there.


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