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For Lack of Words

It is clear to me that genuine and accurate communication is a form of MAGIC.

Consider that we each carry within us, a rich & profoundly complex authenticity. A unique, personal Truth that cannot fully be shared.

Together, we exist in an indescribable field of INFINITE energy.

And YOU are a miraculous series of happenings - unified by a common, localized consciousness. Under the skin, ingrained in the musculature and in our neurology and cells. Embedded in our conscious and unconscious awareness - we each accumulate a persistent EXPERIENCE of self. A unique, powerful, energetic expression.

A personal imprint of what IS, moment to moment.

And when brought to awareness - we attempt to grasp this experience, with words. Words help to reify distinctions and clarify depths.

Thoughts. Feelings. Pains. Joys. Moods. Anxieties.

Can we describe the space where these sensations & concepts overlap? Or, are they altogether separate?

Tell me, do thoughts come in short spurts, while anxieties tend to linger?

Notice that words fail to embody the brilliance of the things they aim to describe. Words only offer an opportunity to convey a low-res facsimile of what is True. Just as the map is not the Terrain ... The description is not the Experience. And yet, even for lack of words, we manage to relate. We intentionally establish common spaces. We LISTEN, and we share stories. We co-create language so that we might understand, and be understood. And maybe, when love is present, there is an energy that forms. An indescribable something, that Popps and Zzips. To bridge that vexing gap Where meanings are often lost in translation. -Billy


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