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In Defense of Feelings

Are you strong enough to acknowledge truth and FEEL, or nah? Are you honest and creative enough to tell a complex story about yourself?

Describe the feeling.  

When we diminish and hide our feelings, we trap ourselves in an incomplete world where other people have power over us. When we (men) falsely externalize feelings as a domain only for women, we shrink and deny our reality, trapping ourselves in a goofy world where other people have power over us. When we over-value "logic" (under-value feelings) we have limited our scope of vision, trapping ourselves in a blurry, inaccurate world where other people have power over us.

LOGIC is a highly corruptible domain, because it relies on language and pre-existing explanatory narrative.

You have been GIVEN what you call logical.

You might be able to articulate a logic for chattel slavery (they did, and they do).

There is a logic for why men should never wear pink.

There are those willing to offer a logic for murdering 4,000+ children in a month.

Read the US Press from the 1930s and '40s to find straightforward logic for extra-judicial lynching of black children. Read today's press for logical arguments in favor of bailing out banks & funding senseless wars, while American families struggle to pay rent and without healthcare. It's easy to organize words in favor of all these things using narrow logic. But how do YOU feel about them?

The dominant culture teaches that there is virtue in removing one's feelings.

YOU must understand that this is a social construction; a mass psychosis. A learned and trained separation, in the mind. Without feelings, without the intuition, we have no counter weight to the supposed "logical" domains, which have been mapped in their favor, through powerful myth narratives + conscious framing. With enough time, their preferred myths can be codified as precedent, and as Law. The next generation of children will be raised up and taught the assumptions of whatever power structure they're born into, as obvious & Logical. When black people talk about the pervasive & quiet power of "white supremacy", they are often pointing to this complex phenomena. ________

I find that people who don't train their feeling muscles are often stunted, unclear mentally, quietly stuck at war with themselves. Men - in particular - who commit to, or strive for, a masculine (un-feeling) performance will more easily follow orders. Why? Because all they have is "Logic" - a narrative about the legitimacy of power and hierarchy, which provides them an easy (false) lens for Truth; validating itself immediately in their minds. Without grounding principles, what else is there beyond fearfully navigating the social landscape?

The internal consciousness sounds something like ... "I fully buy-in to the logical narratives, as given to me. The whole arrangement - the cameras, the stage. If the important looking white man at the podium says something, anything ... then I guess it must be true."

... And this is why you have to FEEL. Experience yourself deeply, and learn to accept that ALL of you is ok. Your fullness.

We’ve all been trained to label and experience certain parts of ourselves as "good" vs "bad". In Truth, you are what you are. Those value assessments are based on a "logic" that another, external human gave you. Shedding these words and concepts in favor of a more cohesive, fluid feeling leads to self-clarity, self-love, Love for others, and a massive stash of creative energy. #Facts.

Are you creative enough to tell a complex story? ... About yourself?

Describe the feeling.

If words don't exist yet, make them up.

Combine other words and know that these are valid parts of what IS. Without them you're only experiencing a silhouette of reality.


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