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In Proper Relationship with Words

It is important to notice that Humans pre-date words.

Words form language ... they are tools, symbols.

A technology, created by humans for our purposes.

We use words to describe life phenomena, to label things we encounter in the real world, to discern and to communicate.

We are not beholden to words, labels, categories.

Words serve us. Not the other way around.

To miss this simple Truth is to have an inverted orientation to Reality. Robbed of our inherent power.

So, I don't strive to perform as a "Black Man". I AM it.

There is no card that anyone can revoke if I do "X", or fail to live up to "Y".

Whatever I choose to do - however I express - Those actions are now Black, and Masculine, and Human ... And yet, I am even greater than these words.

I choose to be the best things I can think of, in each moment.

I don't contort, or limit my expression to align with external assessments, words, categories and labels. All the relevant words and their definitions will do the work to quicken and keep up. They will need to expand and grow, to include me.

- Billy Buntin




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