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Letting Go

Life challenges your sense of reality. Whatever concept you're holding in your head. Whatever story you've concocted about the world, and yourself ... you'll eventually meet the edge where it contradicts.

At that point, your mind will either cling to the failed concept, or accept and engage with what you didn't know before. This choice expands your world, literally and truly. I think you have to let Truth change you, and change the concepts you're holding. Depending on the concept - and your personal investment in it - unlearning could mean reevaluating everything you know. All the stories you've believed, and the actions you took based on them.  Perhaps mourn your past unaware self, then be brave enough to live in an expanded, truer world. It's worth it. You're worth it.

It can be painful to shed old ideas, set new paths and new boundaries with a new lens ... but that's the brilliant game we've been given, and its a sign of a healthy mind.

The first step is acknowledge, become aware of what we're holding onto.

Don't judge. Just notice.

Once you become adept at accepting Truths as they arrive ... your Life experience can't help but be "realer" than before, right? More color and texture and nuance and openness, and uncertainty. Things that used to appear as rigid opposites start to merge and intersect.

You're strong enough.

We experience the world differently, each of us, in our minds. There is value in communicating well with each other. There is strength and presence in letting go.

- Billy


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