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The Paradox of Being.

It seems we are both separately unique AND interwoven/connected as one.

It's all a FUCKING paradox!!  

The creative energy of the universe is driven to "move" by the inherent tension of being both vastly unique & same.

Meaningful & insignificant.

Past & future.

Beautiful & ugly. Ever-expanding & a "closed system". A growing constellation of expansive, closed systems.

Each of us. Everything.

Our language (human created symbols) and typical narrative structures don't deal well with paradox. It can't simply articulate the vast complexity of what IS. Our journalism and our legal systems are dependent on written language - distinct lines and labels of separation. Saint/Sinner. Black/White. Left/Right. Inside/Outside. Red/Blue. Binary constructions of language that help us articulate ideas, tell stories, rationalize actions - but very few things will ever fit neatly into these. It's not what reality is.

If Everything is complex and paradoxical, the question becomes "what is the story that I have internalized?" And why?

It's gonna depend on each of our experiences/indoctrinations. We are all looking at the same thing (it seems) and reaching different conclusions - making different choices based on how we see the world, and ourselves in it. What icons and symbols do you identify with? Why? Who told you those symbols are valuable?

Conversely, which symbols have you rejected? Why?

What personal factors are contributing to my sense of what is True?

We can gain this insight, through genuine discourse, collision and interaction with other people's Truths. By seeing them and accepting them. From a place of Love, your Truths will have room for acceptance in the same way.

You and I are both sentient human beings with irreducible value, and we are creating reality together. That's true. Beyond that, it seems our potential is infinite, based on how we choose to see. This includes how we see and define ourselves.

If the violent oppressor believes his own delusions and justifications - that he is superior, better than the other - then he has trapped himself in an absurdity, and he will act in accordance with that belief. If the enslaved person sees themselves as the label they've been given - believes they're "a slave" - they will necessarily make choices in accordance with what is true and available to them. In small, daily interactions these beliefs will manifest in action; in reality. The same is true with other labels. Perhaps all labels ...

It will take a shift of self-definition (and world definition) to shake. No new choices, no new actions are possible until the evolved realization and awareness occurs. That's one reason why positive self-Awareness and intentional self-Articulation should be among the primary goals for Living ...

So you gotta choose your best and highest self.

To be and speak from that place, to build strength and capacity toward that ... In our personal lives, in our workplaces, in our public lives, everywhere. Because it's all one thing, and you're that powerful. It's true. Good things come from moving through this. If you don't choose to create reality from your best interest and truest perspective, others will go on creating without you. They will fill the void you left with their ugliness and their beauty, their labels, definitions, and their creative goals ... because you didn't even show up for yourself.


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