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When Life Becomes "Confusing"


The title of the above video is "Professor Destroys Relativism in 4 Minutes!", but the professor does not come close to destroying the concept of "relativism". The professor describes how complex and difficult the world would be if things were "relative". He doesn't like that complexity, and so he dismisses it ... but that doesn't change what IS.

Each of us experiences this World differently.

That is the reality of how the World IS - and how its been through all of human history. The professor recognizes that words & language are most useful when we all have common meanings for them. Yet, we already know that words do not have fixed meanings, and we don't arrive at words from the same angle. I've talked about this extensively, and you realize it every day in our lives. We speak different languages, we come to this moment with different contexts, different backstories and beliefs around certain concepts/words. Have a meaningful, genuine conversation with anyone and it becomes obvious.

The professor fears the implications of such a reality, yet here we are. He chooses to resign himself to a simpler model of reality ... but this personal mental move only serves to demonstrate my point - His notion of objective reality is just one of the many fractured ways of seeing what IS.

Our bodies relate in a common space and time, but the experience of our interactions must filter through isolated minds. This is true whether the professor finds it appealing or not. And yet, we manage to arrive at common meanings.

Using the Tools of Communication (a fluid process of agreement), and Love. LOVE is the unifying principle of this universe.

LOVE as a verb is the elusive challenge/opportunity that we face, in each moment. LOVE is what holds our varied, different experiences together.

When Life Becomes "Confusing"

Sometimes it may seem to YOU that there are too many factors to consider ...

Conflicting Data Points.

Contradicting Principles.

Asymmetric Powers.

Challenging Comparisons. Multiple Narratives.

Mixed Allegiances.

Antithetical Identities.

Complex Histories.

Vague Legality.

Misleading Accounts.

The root, foundational compass that we each have is the intuition of LOVE.

We can come back to ourselves and connect to Source, or God, or the Universe, or ...

These are just words.

Connect to our shared Humanity, as each valuable parts of the Divine Expression.

It becomes rather simple, doesn't it? Be guided from that bedrock Truth.

Don't you see?

All else that YOU cling to are secondary and tertiary?

Personal, flawed, human constructions?

- Billy

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